A Sha Mandarin Noodle, Extra Spicy Sauce, 5 Packages 5 Ea

Extra spicy sauce (with ghost pepper). No added MSG. No trans fat. No preservatives. Non-fried. A-Sha noodles will change the way you think about ramen noodles forever! A-Sha noodles are healthy, delicious, and convenient, using only the highest quality natural ingredients. A-Sha uses a non-deep fried method, with no added MSG or preservatives, creating a healthier and better tasting ramen noodle. Taste A-Sha noodles, the original top rated noodle of Taiwan! www.ashadrynoodle.com. North America Contact Information: Phone: +1 562 888 Asha (2742). Email: info(at)ashadrynoodle.com. Web: www.ashadrynoodle.com. Product of Taiwan.