Atkins Advantage Shake, Chocolate Delight

High protein. 24 Vitamins & minerals. 1g Sugar. 160 Calories. Naturally and artificially flavored. Net Atkins Count: 1g. We are pioneers who will inspire healthy eating through our innovative foods. We have a passion for enhancing peoples' health and enriching their lives by carefully crafting great-tasting products with the right mix of essential nutrients. Nutrition advantage. Taste advantage. That's the Atkins Advantage. Atkins Ingredient Advantage: We care about the food we eat, so we care about the food we make. We carefully craft our products with high quality ingredients so that they taste great and provide you with the optimal mix of essential nutrients. Protein: Protein provides a powerhouse of energy for the body and also boosts your metabolism. Plus, it builds and repairs your muscles and bones on a daily basis. Vitamins/Minerals: Our products are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including B-Vitamins for energy. Calcium: More Calcium than a cup of milk. Calcium supports healthy teeth and bones. 1g Sugar: This delicious, low-glycemic impact shake helps you avoid the dreaded sugar spike and crash so you feel full and satisfied longer. 0g Trans Fats: You can rest assured that all Atkins products have 0g trans fats. Counting Carbs? The Net Atkins Count, the only count based on the most advanced clinical testing of glycemic impact, shows on average just 1g of the carbs in this product impact blood sugar. Made in USA.