Mule 2.0 Moscow Mule, Ginger & Lemon Lime Flavor 4 Ea

Pre-mixed drink. The authentic flavor of the nineteen forty-one Moscowe Mule. Est now. As the story goes, the Moscowe Mule was invented in 1941 when three businessmen, John G. Martin. 'Jack' Morgan, and Rudolph Kunett experimented with ginger beer, vodka, and ume. They combined the ingredients in a copper mug to keep it chilled. The first sip was so good they made another, and the Moscow Mule was born. This Mule 2.0 brings the intense refreshing flavor of the original drink to a growing set of enthusiasts in a ready to-drink can. Grain neutral spirits, natural ginger & lemon-lime flavors are perfectly blended to create the most authentic Moscow Mule flavor, including the famously crisp, refreshing. ginger and citrus bite. Enjoy a taste of originality today.