Myers’s Original Jamaican Dark Rum, 750ml Bottle, 80 Proof

Taste over 140 years of rum-making tradition in your glass with Myers’s Original Dark Jamaican Rum. Myers’s Original Dark rum features the complex aroma of blackstrap molasses with hints of coffee, allspice, hazelnut and toffee with a subtle layer of ripe pineapple. This dark rum starts off buttery before giving way to tastes of sugar cane, caramel, tobacco, leather, honey and decadent dark chocolate and finishes with brown sugar and smokiness with underlying oak notes. Myers’s rum is 40% alcohol by volume for a mild, clean and fresh liquor on your palate that is perfect to enjoy neat or on the rocks. If you’re feeling adventurous, Myers’s tastes great in mixed drinks and cocktails, from a Myers’s old fashioned to a pina colada, mai tai, daiquiri, or rum and cola. Store Myers’s Original Dark Jamaican Rum at room temperature or in your refrigerator to enjoy a chilled Caribbean spirit. Since 1879, Myer’s has committed to producing the world’s highest quality rum. However you enjoy it, make it flavorful and Make Mine Myers’s.