Seagram’s VO Gold Canadian Whisky, 750ml Bottle of Whiskey, 80 Proof

Savor the iconic taste of Canada’s premier whisky with Seagram’s VO Gold Canadian Whisky. Aged for at least eight years, Seagram’s VO Gold is an impeccable blended whiskey with a distinctive and inviting golden hue. With a full-bodied Canadian whisky featuring sweet notes of autumn fruit and wine, its exceptionally mellow taste is delicate on the palate with a warm, satisfying finish. This special blend of whiskies is 40% alcohol by volume, making Seagram’s VO gold whisky perfect on its own on the rocks or for your favorite mixed drinks. Try this hard liquor with cranberry juice or club soda over ice to concoct a refreshing whiskey cocktail. Seagram's VO Gold Canadian Whisky is crafted to provide consistent quality and reliability no matter how you drink it. Enjoy the whisky blend that Joseph Seagram introduced to celebrate his son’s wedding with Seagram’s VO Gold Canadian Whisky.