Lemon juice cocktail blend from concentrate. Real juice. Shake it up. Simply add spirit to make about 8 cocktails. Real juice. No preservatives. Lemon Drop Martini Anyone? Since their origin in the early '90s, Lemon Drop martinis have meant something: stay a little longer, smile a little brighter, let the sunshine in. We make ours with cane sugar and bittersweet lemon juice which results in the perfect sweet-tart flavor and vibrant color. Love lemons? Visit us at After its founding in Nantucket in 1997, Stirrings made it its mission to use only the very best ingredients - real juice, triple-filtered water and a touch of imagination - because after all better ingredients, make better cocktails. Thank you for trying Stirrings products. Cheers, - Bill Creelman and Gil MacLean. Enjoy with our Lemon Drop Martini Rimmer Cocktail Garnish. Please recycle. Contains 20% juice.