Alamos Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina 750 ml

The province of Mendoza is renowned for housing some of the best winegrowing regions of Argentina. Tucked under the massive shoulders of the Andes Mountains in west central Argentina, Mendoza produces 80 percent of the country's wines. The character of Mendoza wines is forged in high altitude desert vineyards watered by mineral-rich meltwater from glaciers and snowfields. Altitudes range from 1,000 feet to around 4,000 feet, where the foothills rise steeply toward the Andes peaks. Grapes for Alamos wines are sourced from Catena's high altitude estate vineyards, as well as independent growers who have long-standing relationships with the family. High altitude means cool temperatures and clear air, and clear air means more sunlight for vines to use to build flavor in their grapes, helping to make Mendoza the source of Argentina's well-earned reputation for top quality, unique wines that represent some of the best values on the world market today. The 2009 Alamos Cabernet is rich and expressive, with flavors of dark berries and spice reminiscent of wines from the Mendoza region of Argentina.