Blindfold White Pinot Noir 750 ml

Blindfold Blanc De Noir White Pinot Noir White Wine, born from the dark, provocative, and innovative world of The Prisoner Wine Company, is a still white wine blend that explores light, luxury, and sensuality, with its aromatic notes that stir anticipation, flavors that tease the palate, and soothing textures. Crafted to awaken the senses, this zingy and bright California white wine features flavors of fresh citrus, white flower, white peach, and a hint of tart cranberry. It's a white pinot noir that is delicate but lively, elegant but zesty. This Sonoma County wine is made predominantly from pinot noir grapes that have been hand-harvested to ensure the delicate fruit's integrity, as well as picked early to avoid high alcohol content and saturated sugar flavors in the wine. Direct-pressing allows winemakers to control juice extraction and monitor color, culminating in a still wine with the slightest salmon hue. Blended with viognier and gewürztraminer varietals, this light, vibrant California blanc de noir offers a rich mouthfeel. Enjoy a glass of wine on its own, or pair this bottle of white wine with chilled oysters, roasted whitefish, crab, lobster, cream-based soups and sauces, sautéed mushrooms, or a crudité platter. For best taste, chill this 750 mL bottle of wine for two to two and a half hours before serving at approximately 50 degrees F. Blindfold invites you to surrender to your desires and indulge in a world that exists only when you look within. Please enjoy our wines responsibly. © 2023 The Prisoner Wine Company, Oakville, CA