Living Coral Rose Moscato 750 ml

Our winemakers looked deep beneath the ocean’s surface for inspiration when creating living coral. The wine pours the color of a coral reef; vibrant, buoyant and bursting with life. Every bottle of living coral wine purchased supports an organization dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs. Point the bottle away from yourself and others. Restoring hope for coral reefs. For every bottle sold, living coral will make a contribution to an organization dedicated to saving our coral reefs. Coral reefs are a foundation of life in our oceans. They are not only a home to an array of marine life, but a living member of the community. Coral reefs are also one of our most threatened ecosystems with as many as a third of all reef-building corals at risk of extinction. Taking action to safeguard the survival of our coral reefs is the inspiration behind Living Coral wine. Please drink responsibly.