Abita Beer, Lager, Munich Style 12 ea

Flavor Profile: Food Pairing: Our most versatile brew, try it with sausages, crawfish, grilled seafood, spicy gumbo, tomato-based pasta dishes, fried catfish, Parmesan, Pecorino and Romano cheese. Water: Abita is hand-crafted using the pristine artesian water of Abita Springs, Louisiana. Yeast: German lager yeast. Color: Amber (15). Hops: German Perle; Bitterness (17 IBU). Malt: Pale & caramel. Glassware: Euro lager, tall pils, pint. Amber: Abita Amber has a smooth, malty, caramel flavor and a rich amber color. One of our first and most popular brews, Amber pairs well with many foods. It has been voted best beer in many reader polls and is a favorite of New Orleans chefs. Try All of Our Brews: Flagships: Amber, Purple Haze, Jockamo IPA, Turbodog, Restoration Pale Ale, Light, Golden; Big Beers: Andygator, Abbey Ale; Seasonals: Mardi Gras Bock, Spring IPA, Seersucker Summer Pils, Octoberfest, Christmas Ale; Harvest: Grapefruit Harvest IPA, Strawberry Harvest Lager, Lemon Harvest Wheat, Pecan Harvest Ale. The New Orleans Natural: The Abita Brewery was founded in 1986 in the piney woods of Abita Springs north of New Orleans. Our lagers and ales are hand-crafted with the pure artesian water that has flowed beneath Abita Springs for generations. We invite you to come and visit us at the brewery. Get tour details and directions at our website. Connect with Abita: Facebook. Twitter. iphone & Android. Abita.com. Live it, love it, wear it. Abita.com. ABV: 4.5%.