Seagram's Gin, Extra Dry 1.75 L

Distillers since 1857. Barrel mellowed for smoothness since 1939. 100% Neutral spirits distilled from grain. Enjoy our quality responsibility. Since 1939, Seagram has artfully blended the world's finest botanicals with a pristine neutral spirit in a low-temperature distillation process, preserving the true essence of the botanical flavors. Seagram's Gin is then finished in charred white oak whiskey barrels, creating a distinctive character that is smoother than other gins. Gin connoisseurs affectionately describe Seagram's Gin as the Smooth Gin in the bumpy bottle. This, extra-dry gin can be enjoyed neat. In a martini, or mixed with tonic or fruit juices. Alc. 40% by vol. (80 proof).