Myers's Dark Rum, 750ml Traveler Bottle 80 Proof

Founded in 1879 in Kingston, Jamaica, Myers's represents over 140 years of authentic Rum heritage, pride, and history. The Myers's commitment to producing the highest quality, genuine Jamaican rum drove this brand to global recognition; today, we are proud to honor that legacy by using only the finest ingredients in every bottle. Myers's Rum is produced from pure sugarcane juice that is boiled into molasses, fermented, and expertly distilled using both continuous and pot still distillation methods. After distillation, the rum is matured in white oak barrels. It is this final aging period that contributes to Myers's distinctive color, aroma, and taste guaranteed to elevate our drink. Experience buttery notes upon entry followed by sweet sugar cane, caramel, tobacco, leather, honey, and dark chocolate with elements of raisin and fig. The finish has a decadent dark chocolate character with brown sugar, smokiness and underlying oak notes that make Myers's a genuine original that stands the test of time. Enjoy our signature Myers's Planters' Punch: - 1 part squeezed lime juice - 2 parts simple syrup - 3 parts Myers's Original Dark Rum - Dash of bitters - Orange slice (for garnish) Mix ingredients in a shaker filled with ice and shake well. Serve in highball glass filled with shaved ice nd garnish with an orange slice. Celebrate 140 years of rum-making tradition passed down straight to your glass with one of our signature cocktails or craft your own favorite.