Southern Tier Stout, Double Milk, 2X Stout

Contains lactose sugars. Brewed with 2 varieties of hops and 3 types of malts. smartphone: Glass bottles. Our online store is always open, and stocked with clothing, barware and other goodies. If you find yourself in southwestern New York State, stop by the brewery giftshop and the Empty Pint! We are committed to using as many recycled materials in our packaging as we can. Our bottles, 6 pack carriers and 24 bottle cases are made of recycled materials, and the bottle caps are made of easily recycled steel. We even send our spent grain to local farmers to feed their livestock. We're doing our part, now it's your turn. Thank you, - Southern Tier Brewing Company. Printed with soy ink. Brewed & bottled in Lakewood, New York - USA. Craft brewed in USA.