Buddy Biscuits Soft & Chewy Treats Peanut Butter

Free of corn, soy, artificial flavors and colors. This is Buddy. Dogs love Buddy - alot! Because he is made with the best ingredients - yet has no corn, soy, or anything artificial! How can a treat taste this good!? It's simple. They are made fresh using only the best ingredients. These tasty treats have no corn, soy, fillers, or anything artificial - you get the picture. Back in 1998 I baked my very first batch of Buddy Biscuits. Our adopted dog Samantha had special dietary needs, and, because there were no healthy dog treats on the market, I made my own. Today I am proud that Cloud Star produces only the highest quality natural products for our pets and yours. Jen Melton & Samantha - Cloud Star co-founder 7 her inspiration. www.cloudstar.com. Facebook.com/cloudstarpets. Save your UPC. Want to get involved and give back? Look at the bottom of this bag to learn more! Doing good business should include doing good things for others. With your help, we donate to non-profit organizations that benefit animals, women, children, and the environment. Save your UPC: Want to help others? Cut out your proof of purchase (UPC) on the back of this bag, mail it to us, and for every UPC received, we'll make a donation to a non-profit of your choice! Facebook: We have lots to share with you - go to facebook.com/cloudstarpets to join in the fun. Made in USA.