Buffalo-style chicken. Caulipower buffalo-style chicken pizzas have 3 g total sugar per serving. The leading brands average 6 g per serving. Gluten free always. Gluten free. Certified gluten-free (Certified gluten-free by gluten free certification organization, Certified by GFCO. 50% less total sugars that leading pizzas. Excellent source of protein. The best just got better now stone-fried. America's No.1 gluten free pizza brand (Spins annual FZ pizza data (as of 1014120). All natural (Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients) white meat chicken, mozzarella, red onion, & zesty buffalo-style sauce on our crispy stone-fired cauliflower crust. Not ready to eat. Tasty, crispy, whoa this is gluten free? pizza. This one is my favorite. This pizza was so good, I damn near cried. My taste buds were dancing. I'm officially obsessed. Caulipower buffalo-style chicken wow pizza um yes. I’m 100% positive I could live off of nothing but Caulipower pizza. The perfect thin crust pizza. My two sons have celiac disease and the first DIY cauliflower pizza crust I made for them was a huge (hashtag)PinterestFail! As I picked the cauliflower pieces out of my hair I thought, shouldn't this be easier? I started Caulipower so that you'll never have to choose between taste, nutrition, or convenience again or pull cauliflower out of your hair. - Gail Becker, Founder & CEO, Caulipower. Brought to you by Caulipower a vegolutionary foods brand. Join the vegolution. Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. Follow us on social! (at)caulipower for meal hack inspiration. Visit to check out all our other tasty products. Caulipower is a proud supporter of organizations that are solving food insecurity in under-resourced communities. Together. we're building teaching gardens in schools throughout the country to help kids learn about better eating habits, while also providing access to fruits and vegetables to families in need.