ChocZero Keto Bark, Creamy Milk, Almond, Mini Pack 15 ea

New look. Same taste. Premium chocolate. Keto Bark: Snaccidents happen. That's why we're your craving fallback: an individually wrapped chocolate bark packed with a crunchy punch that'll bring you happiness with every bite. From toasty almonds to spirited peppermint, we've got an array of flavors for every feeling. Go ahead, let's get this crunchathon started! Chocolate candy with a crunch. Yes, we know chocolate has been made for thousands of years, so we're not here to reinvent that wheel-we're rolling it down a different path that's not paved out of sugar and artificial junk. We believe it's all about the ingredients: decadent cocoa, monk fruit, and smooth Madagascar vanilla beans. Join us in a sweet experience that your taste buds will actually celebrate. Sweetened by monk fruit.