Coca-Cola Cola, Zero Sugar, +XP Flavored, League of Legends, Ultimate 20 fl oz

It’s time to bring your player journey to life and celebrate each moment along the way. Experience Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar Ultimate, the latest Coca-Cola® Creations sparkling beverage to matchmake with the shelves. Join as Coca-Cola® Creations and League of Legends come together to unlock Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar Ultimate’s +XP flavor. The limited-edition flavor, made in co-creation with Riot Games, takes the recognizable Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar taste and adds the electrifying taste of +XP. When you open a Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar Ultimate, you begin to see how every moment is an opportunity to gain experience and reach your next objective. Whether you play League of Legends, casually cosplay, or indulge in fantasy worlds from time to time, reach out for an ice-cold Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar Ultimate to celebrate your fandom. Try the +XP, before the game is over.