Borden Cheese 2% Milk Singles American - 16 CT

Borden® Cheese 2% Milk Singles American. Since 1857. 1/3 Less fat than process cheese food. Reduced fat pasteurized prepared cheese product. 2/3 oz Slices. Net Wt 10.67 oz (302 g). Enjoy goodness. What goes into making something great Hard work. Quality. Care. Every slice, shred and chunk of Borden® Cheese is crafted with these values. Borden® Cheese is brought to you by a cooperative of 100% family-owned American dairy farms. Farms run by people of character, who work with integrity and take pride in what they do. So much pride that you can almost taste the love that goes into every bite. *Fat reduced to 3g from 4.5g per serving. Gluten free. Borden and Elsie trademarks used under license. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us at: 1-888-337-2407 or