Silk Almond Milk Light Vanilla

Silk® Almond Milk Light Vanilla. 25% Less sugar than Silk® vanilla almondmilk*. Light vanilla. 1/3 Fewer calories than silk vanilla almondmilk*. 60 Calories per serving. Almondmilk. Non GMO Project Verified. Half gallon (1.89L). 3 Simple reasons. To love Silk® almondmilk. We believe plants are the way to nourish people and the planet. 100% Silky smooth deliciousness. No artificial sweeteners. Try our easy-pour large size. Vanilla, Silk® almond, 96 fl oz (2.84L) almond milk. Our passion is plant-powered. We're nuts about nuts. And seeds, and beans, and fruits, and everything green and growing nature has to offer. Have you ever really thought about the magic of plants Talk about strength, resilience and beauty. And all that leafy goodness is just waiting for you to tap its potential. You can call us what you want...plant-based, plant-biased or just plain plant-prejudiced. We've been rooted in plant power for over 20 years. Pour on our passion, so you can nourish yours. Discover the power of plants at How we make it matters: 50% More calcium than dairy milk*. Love it or your money back†. Dairy & lactose-free. Gluten-free. Soy-free. Carrageenan-free. No saturated fat. Cholesterol-free. No artificial colors or flavors. *Silk light vanilla almondmilk: 45% DV calcium, 11g sugar and 60 cal/svg; silk vanilla almondmilk: 16g sugar and 90 cal/svg; lowfat dairy milk: 30% DV calcium. USDA national nutrient database for standard reference, release 28. Data consistent with typical lowfat dairy milk. †It's simple, friend. Visit or call 888-820-9283 for a full refund. Limit two refunds per household per year. Proof of purchase may be required. Empty and replace cap, check locally*, coated paper, carton. *Not recycled in all communities. ©2016 WhiteWave Services, Inc.