Delallo Charcuterie Collection 12 oz

Genoa salami. Italian pitted olive salad. Provolone cheese. Charcuterie Collection: This exquisite collection features a colorful assortment of best-loved antipastri ready to create an instant charcuterie board perfect for sharing with your favorite people. Take it to the next level with a lush, bright pinot noir. Genoa Salami: Seasoned with garlic and spices, and aged for three months to bring out the full flavor that is ideal for snacking. Italian Pitted Olive Salad: A colorful antipasto of bright and briny Italian olives tossed with sweet-and-tangy pepper drops in a light vinaigrette. Provolone Cheese: Mild and sweet with an irresistibly smooth, creamy texture, provolone is a beloved Italian-style cow's milk cheese perfect for pairing with all your favorite antipasti.