zapps voo doo chips

220 calories per bag. Gluten free. See nutrition information for fat & sodium content. Our New Orleans Kettle Style chips are cooked to perfection and combined with premium ingredients. This special recipe results in a crunchier, tastier and unique potato chip experience which we hope you will prefer. We thank you for buying our product. Enjoy, and laissez les bon temps rouler! The folks at Zapp's Potato Chips. Enjoy great tasting anywhere in the USA! Facebook: (at)ZappsChips. Twitter: (at)ZappsChips. Instagram: (at)realzappchips. Scan for more food information or call 1-855-850-2065. Please call on our mail order hotline at 1-800-367-7629 during normal business hours for prompt shipment, VISA and MasterCard accepted. For a good time and online ordering please visit our fun site: