Fi Bar Granola Bars, Chewy & Nutty, White Chocolate Almond Crunch

Natural. No cholesterol. No hydrogenated oils. Zero grams trans fat. Fi-Bar Granola Bars are the delicious natural snack bars you can enjoy any time. They are made with wholesome ingredients like healthy grains, toasted oats, crunchy nuts, succulent fruits, and a touch of pure honey, then dipped in cream milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, or white chocolate for a fantastic combination of flavors. Theres nothing artificial in Fi-Bar Granola Bars to interfere with great taste. And of course, you won't find any hydrogenated oils or trans fats in Fi-Bar Granola Bars because we use natural cocoa butter, which doesn't raise cholesterol and tastes great. Fi-Bar Granola Bars are the naturally perfect choice for your perfectly natural lifestyle.