FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwiches, Premium Vanilla 6 ea

FatBoy® Ice Cream Sandwich Premium Vanilla. Real ice cream since 1925. rBST free - Milk from cows not treated with rBST. Thick and creamy. 6 - 5 fl. oz. Bars (148 ml). 30 fl. oz. (887 ml). It all began in 1925. Way back in 1925, Casper Merrill took the milk and cream from the family milk cows and made the first "original" Ice Cream Casco® Nut Sundae on a stick. He made those first nut sundaes in a ten-gallon milk can and sold them at the local 4th of July celebration. The original ingredients and recipe have changed very little over the years. Today, folks all across the country are eating and enjoying Casco® Nut Sundaes and Fatboy® Ice Cream Sandwiches just as much as those who enjoyed the first ones during the 4th of July celebration of 1925. Try these other great flavors! FatBoy® Casco® Sundae on a Stick, Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel. FatBoy® Casco® Sundae on a Stick Nut Sundae. FatBoy® Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies 'n Cream. FatBoy® Casco® Sundae on a Stick, Toffee Crunch. If this product does not meet your expectations, please Write to: 11805 North 200 East Richmond, UT 84333 or Call: 1-888-FatBoy1. Visit: www.fatboyicecream.com.