Wild Mike's Pizza, Ultimate, Uncured Pepperoni, Super Sized

Over 2 lbs! 100% all natural (Minimally processed and no artificial ingredients). No artificial anything. No nitrates or nitrites added. Except those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Why is Wild Mikes the Ultimate Pizza?! Because we are wild about flavor! Our Ultimate Pizza is made with 100% natural no artificial anything ingredients! Wild Mikes is made with our butterflake crust, a unique zesty signature sauce and 4 flavorful Italian cheeses mozzarella, provolone, romano and genuine parmigiano reggiano. Imported all the way from Italy! That with our natural meats creates the Ultimate Pizza! Wild Mikes also includes Italian seasonings and crushed red pepper packets to give our pizza rebels the ability to personalize Wild Mikes to your taste! These 100% natural ingredients create the Ultimate Pizza eating experience! From our family to yours, we thank you for joining the Wild Mikes pizza rebel revolution rebelling against artificial ingredients! Enjoy!!! Yo! Youre holding the one and only Wild Mikes Ultimate Pizza, and if youve had one before, you know to hold on with both hands, because its wild! Wild Mikes is a perfect addition to a day of extreme sports, or even extreme lounging in front of the TV. Now you can share your love of Wild Mikes Pizza with the world! Introducing Wild Mike's Official Apparel - So you're all about great times and great pizza, but how are people going to know? With this awesome Wild Mike's Ultimate Tee Shirt and Beanie that's how! Suit up and go wild in this fresh new shirt and new beanie or just use the shirt to wipe your face after you power through Wild Mike's Ultimate Pizza! Get your shirt or beanie with 13 proofs of purchase (barcodes) plus $5.95 S&H or $9.00 plus $5.95 S&H. Shirt Sizes: Children's: S,M,L; Adults: S,M,L,XL 2XL,3XL. Beanie available in black or orange. One Size (OS) fits all. Be your wild. Join the pizza rebel family! Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. (hashtag)wildmikesultimatepizza. www.wildmikesultimatepizza.com. www.sapiazza.com. Made in the USA.