Goose Island Oktober Fest Case Pack - 4 CT

Goose Island® Beer Co Goose Oktober Fest Pack. Traditional marzen. Dried apricot and toffee aroma. We don't need to be the only beer you drink. We just want to be the best beer you drink. Memphis, TN. "My favorite beer is the beer in my hand." -John Hall, Founder, Goose Island Beer Co. Serve in a stein. Goose Island Beer Company® was born Friday, May 13,1988, when craft breweries were scarce in America, and nonexistent in Chicago. Our mission is to excite America's palate by brewing diverse and distinctive ales. To this day, we remain relentless in our craft. We live to experiment and explore, constantly innovating how we brew and age our beer. We re-invent old world styles and have created a few new ones along the way. Always with the intent to challenge and delight beer lovers. Because like you, we love discovering a great beer. Stop by and say hello. Enjoy responsibly. Good beer is worth sharing. Questions/comments call 1-800-GOOSE-ME. Visit us online at Est. 1988. Prized hallertau hops provide earthy bitterness to a malty body with pleasant hints of dried apricot and toffee aroma. 17 IBU rating. This corrugated fibreboard has an edge crush test of not less than 32#. International paper. Please recycle. Enjoy responsibly. Pleasant hints of dried apricot & toffee aroma. Questions or comments, call 1-800-GOOSE-ME. ©2015 Goose Island Beer Co.