Good source of iron & zinc. Just right for picking up. No preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. Think Zinc. It's one of those minerals that's absolutely essential for your toddler's immune system. Yet the labels on most foods don't tell you how much your toddler is getting. How can you make sure your toddler gets enough zinc? Look to Gerber Graduates - the only full line of foods and juices specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of toddlers. This will help you make the most of each meal with good sources of zinc. Your toddler is probably getting more and more independent at mealtimes. As he explores his new feeding milestones, Gerber Graduates makes it easy to find the right food at the right time. Check our packages to see which ones are: Just Right for Picking Up; Just Right for a Sippy Cup; Just Right for Spooning. Gerber Graduates Veggie Crackers have been specially designed for growing toddlers learning to self feed. Special texture that's easy to chew and swallow. Just the right size for little hands. Good source of iron & zinc. Made with the goodness of 9 real vegetables for a delicious taste. No preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. This is just one of a variety of nutritious Gerber Graduates foods and juices that have been specially designed to help toddlers grow up strong and healthy. Taste tested by toddlers. Just for toddlers.