Gerber Single Grain Barley Cereal for Baby

Supported sitter. Single grain. Nutri Protect: iron, B, E, zinc. Nutrition for healthy growth & natural immune support. Excellent source of iron. The Gerber generation presents: Tummy tales - big nutrition for tiny tummies. Baa, baa, black sheep what helps baby grow? Cereal nutrition supports from head to toe. Iron for a healthy brain and flavors that are yummy. Vitamins are in there too. Only Gerber makes cereal with Nutriprotect blend inside, with vitamins & minerals, we're on your side! Feed your baby Gerber cereal which has iron and B vitamins for healthy growth and development. Also provides vitamin E and Zinc for natural immune support. Your child may be ready: If she or he: sits with help or support; opens mouth and leans toward spoon. Made for babies: gentle introduction solid foods (see preparation instructions for baby's first cereal feeding).Good for babies: excellent source of iron for healthy brain development; 6 B vitamins for healthy growth; vitamin E and zinc for natural immune support. No added starch, artificial flavors or color.