Community Medium Roast Ground Coffee 23 oz

Bright, smooth flavor with notes of honey and hazelnut. Est .1919. Enjoy! Our Story: Over 100 years ago my great-grandfather, Cap saurage, created the very first batch of our signature coffee. He blended and served a cup so delicious that it became a local favorite. Out of appreciation for his community of friends and customers, cap named it Community coffee. four generations later, we are dedicated to creating a variety of distinctive, full-flavored coffees. We blend and roast each coffee to reach its full potential, giving you a rich, smooth coffee experience every time. Matt Saurage 4th generation owner. We believe it is important to do more than make great coffee. By supporting and giving back to local communities, every cup makes a difference to the people and places that make us community coffee. Cup by Cup make a difference. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. To learn more, Visit Giving-Back. Discover more varieties at Family owned.