Community 12 Pack Single-Serve Cups Dark Roast French Roast Coffee 12 ea

Full-bodied coffee with a rich, smoky profile. French Roast. Dark Roast: For generations, the rich, smoky finish of our French Roast has complemented the distinct cuisine of our birthplace in Louisiana. By selecting coffee beans that thrive through a longer roasting process, you will experience bold and intense flavors that can only be tasted when roasted to this deep, dark color. Our Story: Over 100 years ago my great-grandfather, - Cap - Saurage, created the very first batch of our signature coffee. He blended and served a cup so delicious that it became a local favorite. Out of appreciation for his community of friends and customers, Cap named it - Community Coffee. - Four generations later, we are dedicated to creating a variety of distinctive, full-flavored coffees. We roast each coffee to reach its full flavor potential, giving you a rich, smooth coffee experience every time. Find us on Discover more varieties at Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. For more information about Community products contact: Community Coffee Company 1-800-884-5282. Proof of Purchase: Community Coffee cash for schools. 1 point. Making a difference cup by cup. We believe it is important to do more than make great coffee. By supporting and giving back to local communities, every cup makes a difference to the people and places that make us Community Coffee. To learn more, visit