Alo Juice, Watermelon + Peach, Comfort

Alo® Comfort™ Aloe Vera Juice Drink Watermelon + Peach. Real aloe vera straight from the leaf. 70 Calories per 8 oz. 16.9 fl oz (500 ml). Goodness from inside out™. Life is full of big things, but let's not forget about the little things. Like what, you ask Like peaches, watermelon, and pure aloe vera, straight from the leaf, all blended together. Soon all these things will add up to something big, something you can take comfort in. Here's even more goodness: Gluten-free. Aloin-Free. Fat-Free. No artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. Aloe vera straight from the leaf, never form powder. 25% juice. Non-GMO Project Verified. BPA-free. Please recycle. Visit © 2016 SPI West Port, Inc.