Buddha Tea Blueberry

Acuity. Immunity. Vitality. USDA organic. 5000 Years of Wisdom in a Bottle: Developed in Ayurvedic tradition, Blue Buddha Tea combines clinically studied herbs, organic tea, and fruit extracts to create a refreshing tea for heightened acuity, immunity and vitality. Not Just Another Tea: Each bottle contains a meaningful amount of: ashwagandha; maitake mushroom; Indian gooseberry (amla). With this proprietary blend of ingredients, Blue Buddha helps: sharpen focus and mental stamina; counteract the effects of stress; support the body's immune function; protect against the visible signs of aging; support healthy cardiovascular function. For more benefits and other valuable info, please visit us at www.bluebuddha108.com. Contains 1% juice. Certified organic by A Bee Organic. Bee Organic. Gluten-free. Non GMO. Please recycle.