Dasani Purified Water Bottle Enhanced With Minerals 20 fl oz

Savor the refreshing taste of Dasani purified water for all of life's thirst-worthy moments. Dasani water has just the right balance of minerals for a crisp, pure taste, and we've removed the salt. Each sip of our clean, fresh bottled water undergoes a meticulous reverse osmosis filtration process before arriving in your hands. Reaching for Dasani also creates less waste. Our bottles are crafted from 100% recycled materials, excluding the label and cap, encouraging you to refresh, enjoy, and then recycle, continuing the journey of renewal. Dasani is your perfect choice no matter the day ahead. Whether you're powering through work, enjoying a picnic, hitting the gym, running errands, or setting out on a road trip, Dasani is ready to quench your thirst. Every bottle of water is a burst of refreshment that's just a twist away—perfect for the home, office, or on the move. Indulge in the pure, refreshing taste of Dasani drinking water. It's the ideal choice for all of life's thirst-worthy moments, ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere.