Corn Pops Cereal, Sweetened Corn 10 oz

Wake up to sweet, crispy Kellogg's Corn Pops. Every irresistible bowl delivers the consistently crunchy, sweetened popped-up corn experience that's been serving up smiles for years. Corn Pops cereal provides a good source of eight vitamins and minerals and made with colors and flavors from natural sources. We're proud to say corn is the first ingredient. Corn Pops are fun to eat for the family as a quick breakfast; Serve them in a bowl with milk or your favorite dairy alternative and indulge in a late-night bowlful of sweet, crunchy cereal and finish off with sweet cereal milk. Stash in a small bag for a school snack or in a lunch box as a portable treat. Pour them into a snack bowl for family, game or TV time. Pack a box when you travel or run errands. The delicious sweet, crispy crunch makes Corn Pops cereal a tasty pick-me-up at home or on the move. Any time, any place, "Gotta have my Pops!"