Nutritious Living Hi-Lo Cereal, Vanilla Almond Flavored

Great tasting, lightly crunchy flakes & grahams with sliced almonds. Supports weight management. Reduced Sugar: 1 g. High Protein: 12 g. High Fiber: 7 g. No trans fat. 7.4 g soy protein per serving. Made with soy protein to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Feel your best - Every day! With Hi-Lo Cereal. Hi-Lo is more than just a great tasting cereal - it's a smart choice for supporting your body's ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health. There's never been a more delicious way to get the benefits of soy protein and dietary fiber that your body deserves to look and feel your best. Feel your best every day with Hi-Lo! Each Serving Provides: 7.4 g soy protein, to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and support cardiovascular health. 6 g net carbohydrates, to help moderate carbohydrate and calorie intake. 7 g fiber, for healthy digestion and bulk to fill you up. No animal by-products (vegetarian-friendly). No artificial colors or preservatives! The feel your best philosophy - At Nutritious Living, we believe that everybody deserves to feel their best and lead a happy and healthy life. Along with regular exercise and a positive outlook, getting proper nutrition helps energize your body and manage stress, so that you can function better on all levels. Make Nutritious Living a part of your day, and get the power to feel your best! Nutritious needs products to support special dietary needs for improved health and well being. Weight management products to promote satiety (a feeling of fullness), increased fat metabolism and maintenance of lean muscle. Located in historic San Dimas, California, nestled against the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains, Nutritious Living has been producing delicious cereal products for over 40 years. We were one of the first companies to produce what was once considered a radical new food, granola. Since then, we've continued our dedication to the art and science of making deliciously healthy cereals to help you feel your best - every day! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. We hope that you enjoy our product. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will refund you 100% of the purchase price. Questions/Comments: Mail: Write to the address above. Phone: 1-800-638-8686. This package is sold by weight, not by volume. Contents may settle during shipping. Please recycle. Exchange: 1 very lean protein, 1/3 carbohydrate. Based on Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, copyright 1995 by the American Diabetes Association and The American Dietetic Association. This carton is made from 100% recycled cardboard. If possible, please recycle again. Consult with your local recycling agency to ensure this material is recyclable in your community.