Cream Of Wheat Hot Cereal 12 oz

Cream of Wheat Original Hot Cereal is a ground wheat instant hot cereal that is easy to prepare and has a smooth, creamy texture. A hot, delicious bowl of Cream of Wheat provides a nutritious meal that the whole family will enjoy or a quick snack for a busy morning. Cream of Wheat instant hot cereal provides 6 essential vitamins, is kosher and a good source of iron and calcium. This traditional hot cereal is also a naturally fat-free and cholesterol-free food that is also low in sodium when prepared with water and without salt. Prepare this traditional stove top Cream of Wheat hot breakfast cereal in 2.5 minutes by stirring boiling water or milk into the ground wheat. Simply simmer and stir. For faster and easier preparation, cook Cream of Wheat hot cereal in a microwave to enjoy a convenient, hot breakfast. Add additional flavor to instant Cream of Wheat cereal by stirring in some fresh fruit and your favorite nuts.