Tabasco® Buffalo Style Hot Sauce 5 fl. oz. Box

Perfect for buffalo wings! Great-tasting buffalo style hot sauce. This is the genuine article. Buffalo style, perfected. Once you try Tabasco Buffalo Style Hot Sauce, you'll see that it stands head and horns above the rest. It's a thick sauce, so it sticks to things better. And it has just the right amount of heat, so it does more than make one-of-a-kind wings. It goes great on any kind of chicken, on sandwiches, burgers and a whole lot more. Tabasco Original Red set a high standard of quality for hot sauces over 140 years ago, and Tabasco Buffalo Style Hot Sauce lives up to that name. It's the Tabasco of Buffalo Style Sauces. And it proves once again that Tabasco is so much more than hot. Learn more at Get great-tasting Buffalo Style Hot Sauce Flavor on all your favorite foods. Try Tabasco brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce on Hot Wings & Chicken: Follow the simple carton recipe (adding melted butter) to make the perfect hot wings sauce! Sandwiches & Burgers: Shake a liberal amount on your favorite sandwich or hamburger! BBQ & Meats: Don't be shy. Pour some great buffalo flavor in your favorite bar-b-que sauce or right on cooked ribs! Made in USA.