Monjunis Pasta & Pizza Sauce, Tomato Basil 26 oz

Rich with diced tomatoes, fresh onion, garlic and basil. The best of a family tradition. A delicious substitute for tomato sauce in your favorite recipes! A symphony of garden-fresh ingredients capturing a taste of sunny Italy in every bite. All natural with no preservatives so refrigerate after opening. Italian families are passionate about good food. Mama always called us her little Mongunis. Mangia is Italian for eat so a monguni is someone who loves to eat. We Americanized the spelling but held on our nickname and our love of great food. Monjunis' fresh flavor is perfect over pasta or pizza. When substituted for canned tomato sauce, Monjunis' quickly turns everyday recipes into memorable meals. Savor its better than homemade flavor in lasagna, eggplant parmesan or other Italian dishes. A delicious addition to casseroles, soup, seafood poultry or meatloaf, too. As your secret ingredient in your recipes or simply served over pizza, your family will share our lifelong passion for good eating. No preservatives. Visit our website and share recipes with us.