Little Debbie Fruit Pies, Cherry, Mini 8 Ea

McKee - A family bakery. Individually wrapped. McKee A family bakery. Cherry on Top: Every ingredient has a story to tell, and this one happens to be the cherry on top of a classic sweet treat. You know the feeling you get when you bite into a Little Debbie Cherry pie and experience the burst of sweet and tart flavor? It's that signature taste that has become the trademark of Michigan cherries. Home grown. Michigan. Festivals. Fruit pies. Michigan offers an ideal climate and topography for bountiful cherry orchards. No one knows this fruit better than the American family farms whose hard work and passion for cherries have lasted for generations. Their dedication makes each bite taste that much richer! In any given year, close to 250 million pounds of red tart cherries are grown in North America - many coming from Michigan communities whose love of cherries is celebrated each year with a National Cherry Festival at the beginning of July, bringing both the fruit and the region to life. Our family promise. Quality, freshness and taste. Guaranteed fresh. Please recycle this carton.