Brillo Supreme Strip & Shine Soap Free Steel Wool Balls - 6 CT

Brillo® Supreme® Strip & Shine™ Soap Free Steel Wool Balls. Cleans & Polishes. Brillo® Supreme® Strip & Shine Steel Wool is made only of high-grade steel, specially formed into uniform fibers. These sturdy fibers are thoroughly intermixed into resilient steel wool balls giving maximum abrasive effect in every direction. Brillo® Supreme® Strip & Shine Steel Wool conforms to rigid U.S. Government grading and quality specifications. Versatile Steel Wool Balls! Brillo® Supreme® Strip & Shine is a high quality steel wool ball that can tackle many kinds of cleaning, polishing, and finishing projects. Use Brillo® Supreme® Strip & Shine alone, or with a cleaning agent to get the job done. Strips Wood! •Strips old paint, varnish & wax. •Smoothes wood surfaces. •Prepares wood for painting & refinishing. Removes Rust & Dirt! •Removes rust from metal door frames, door knobs, and hinges. •Cleans dirt and rust from metal tools. •Cleans plumbing fixtures, metal pipe threads and fittings. Shines & Polishes! •Shines aluminium, brass, copper chrome & stainless steel. •Removes rust from metal patio furniture. •Cleans wheels. Helping America Clean Since 1908. This carton is made from 100% recycled paperboard (minimum 35% post-consumer content). Brillo is a trademark of Armaly Brands. Questions Call: 1-888-4-ARMALY. © 2010.