Kuner's Southwestern Ranchero Beans

Kuner's of Colorado Southwestern Ranchero Beans. Pinto beans in tex mex sauce. Chili-burritos-side dish. Please recycle, steel. Southwestern cooking is a celebration of flavors: Maxican, native American, Hispanic, Tex-Mex. It's smokey barbecues, slow cooked chili, warm tortillas, roasted corn, spicy beans, and plenty of chiles. Wily as the coyote, surprising as the desert flower, this food is robust, earthy and alive. Now Kuner's brings the taste of the southwest to you. Traditional tex mex style beans in a rich, flavorful sauce make a delicious side dish or addition to your favorite recipe. Serving suggestions: For a quick snack heat until hot and serve with tortillas accompanied by salsa, shredded cheese and sour cream. We are very interested in any comments from our customers. When writing to us, please include the code on the can end. www.faribaultfoods.com.