Mam Papauls Jambalaya Mix 8 oz

The original New Orleans entree. A product of Certified Louisiana. Comments or questions? Call 1-800-EAT-KJUN (1-800-328-5586) or visit us at for great recipe ideas and other product information. Mam Papaul's Jambalaya reflects the cultural diversity of South Louisiana. Some say that this economical dish was first prepared with ham, jambon in French. Seasoned with tomato, it reminds us of the Spanish dish, paella. Cooked with smoked sausage, the German influence of the area comes into play. Facebook. YouTube. No MSG. The original New Orleans style entrees since 1972. My grandmother, Mam Papaul was known for her culinary skills and hospitality. She could always be counted on to greet unexpected guests with a warm embrace and one of her Cajun/Creole specialties. These authentic New Orleans Style entrees are now available in convenient, easy to prepare packages, just minutes from stove top to table top. - Nancy Wilson, Founder, Mam Papaul's.