Delallo Pasta Nests, Capellini Angel Hair 8.82 oz

Since 1950. Cook 6 min. Also known as angel hair, this favorite thin pasta is best paired with light and delicate sauces. Imported Italian pasta. A Northern Italian Classic: DeLallo Pasta Nests are carefully crafted in Northern Italy with only the finest quality durum wheat and generations of pasta-making experience. Expertly milled semolina flour is combined with cool spring water from the Dolomite Mountains, then extruded and slow-dried at low temperatures in the crisp mountain air. These traditional methods help our pasta to retain its irresistible fresh-bread flavor and cook up al dente every time. Bundled in portion-sized nests, DeLallo Pasta complements nearly any sauce - from hearty meat ragus to simple butter and herb preparations. Tips For Perfect Pasta: Cooking pasta is not an exact science. Continually check your pasta for al dente texture. Remove pasta from water just before it is done. It will continue to cook once drained. Save 1-2 cups of pasta water to enhance sauces. For oil-based sauces, pasta water creates a creamier consistency. For thicker sauces, pasta water creates a thinner consistency. Macaroni product.