Polaner Seedless Raspberry Spreadable Fruit 10 oz

We’ve successful bottled the taste of picnics and sun-filled days out on the porch with Polaner Raspberry Spreadable Fruit. Perfect on a lemon bundt cake, bagels or sandwiched between cookies. For an extra sweet treat, drizzle it on a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a homemade fruity sundae. It’s been more than 120 years since Max and Lena Polaner started canning and preserving jams and jellies in the small kitchen next to their fresh fruit and vegetable market in Newark, New Jersey. Their secret? Fresh, ripe fruit that was preserved for their own family table--but shared with everyone. Fueled by the popularity of its famous “Don’t DARE call it jelly!” TV ad campaign, Polaner All Fruit quickly became and still remains a staple in America’s homes. Made from the finest fruits and sweetened only with fruit and fruit juice, Polaner All Fruit is truly one of America’s favorite fruit spreads.