Captain Rodneys Jelly, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Hot

Private stock. Take care, me hearties, and batten down your hatches. This not be your ordinary pepper jelly. For more than twenty years I have criss-crossed the Caribbean searching for pirate's treasure. At last I found it and, for a price, I could be persuaded to share the gold with you. My jelly is based on the golden Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper and enhances any meal. Perfect with fowl, game, pork or beef and it may be best when added to cream cheese on a cracker. A superb glaze for vegetables. When you be wanting more, and you will, you can call me 1-800-707-0483 or write me in Bell Buckle, Tennessee 37020. Enjoy, me maties. - Captain Rodney, Pirate, Retired. Authentic flavor from the heart of the Caribbean.