Biscuits for dogs 20-50 lbs. With 12 vitamins & minerals for your healthy dog! Freshens breath too! Same great taste! Trusted since 1908. Get Milk-Bone happy. What's Milk-Bone Happy? It's that undeniable feeling of excitement that you get when your dog gets excited. It's contagious. Because Milk-Bone Original Biscuits are a delicious, nutritious treat made with high quality ingredients and fortified with 12 vitamins & minerals. And, because they're hard and crunchy, they freshen breath and clean teeth too! Milk-Bone makes everybody happy. Milk-Bone happy. The hard crunchy texture of Milk-Bone Original Biscuits can help clean teeth and freshen breath. As your dog chews, Milk-Bone Original Biscuits help remove residual food particles from your dog's teeth, thereby helping to freshen breath.