SNICKERS Full Size Chocolate Candy Bars, 11.16 oz (6 Pack)

Packed full of peanuts, caramel and nougat cloaked in creamy milk chocolate, Snickers Full Size Candy Bars help satisfy hanger. Stock up on Full Size candy satisfaction with this six-count SNICKERS Full Size candy bar pack. Fill the pantry at home or in the office with peanut-packed chocolate candy treats. They're great packed together with lunches, as a work time pick-me-up or simply enjoyed as a dessert. With six Full Size bars in each pack, you'll have plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth and share with friends. Bulk candy is great to have on hand for holidays and small celebrations, craft gift bags and care packages full of SNICKERS candy bars. Pass them around on Halloween to be the best house on the block. No matter how you enjoy bulk Full Size SNICKERS chocolate candy, they're guaranteed to satisfy.