Mama Geraldines Cheese Straws, Chipotle Cheddar 4.5 oz

6 g protein. 0 g sugar. Snacking cheese straws. Southern family recipe. Proudly Wiscon cheese. Snack on, y' all. The Old Wooden Rocking Chair: Mama Geraldine's rocking chair was nothing special, battered and worn from decades of raising children, grandkids and the latest great grandbaby. But for Mama, it held all her favorite memories. If no baby was around, Mama would rock while smocking matching outfits for my twins, Jackson and Lindsey. Rocking in that old chair never failed to bring back precious memories of family gatherings from days gone by. Mama's rocking chair is just as much a symbol of love and devotion as her irresistible cheese straws, created only by the loving hands of Mama Geraldine. Cathy Cunningham - CEO/Founder & Mama Geraldine's Daughter. Mama's Promise: Mama didn't believe in skipping church on Sundays and she certainly didn't believe in cuttin' corners, which is why the first ingredients in our addicting and snackable cheese straws is, well, cheese! And not just any cheese, premium Wisconsin Cheddar. Because that's just what mama's do. Nothing artificial. Mama approved. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Made in the USA.