Pepperidge Farm® Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies 6.750 oz

Experience a fruit-flavored classic with Pepperidge Farm Verona Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies. Pepperidge Farm Verona Cookies are a delightful twist on traditional thumbprint cookies, featuring shortbread golden baked to a delicate crisp and the sweetness of strawberry filling. They’re a delicious treat to your taste buds! Each 6.75-ounce bag contains 18 bite-sized cookies and is perfect for sharing with friends or stashing in your pantry to satisfy your cravings for sweet snacks. Enjoy these scrumptious shortbread cookies on their own, pair them with a hot cup of coffee or tea, or use them on your snack boards or cookie platters when entertaining. In addition to Strawberry, Pepperidge Farm Verona Cookies are available in other fruit flavors, including Cherry, Blueberry and Apricot Raspberry. Pepperidge Farm cookies are crafted with care and quality ingredients by creative bakers who believe baking is more than a job – it’s a passion.