Mrs Thinsters Waffle Crisps, Original

New! Mrs. Thinster's Difference: no artificial ingredients (No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives); nut allergen friendly (Made in a facility that does not process peanuts or tree nuts); no corn syrup; non-GMO. Deliciously crunchy cookies! Freshness seal. My fondest childhood memory is visiting my grandparents shore house and going for ice cream. I could always smell the shop long before I could see it. The warm vanilla scents swirled with the caramelizing waffle batter - One summer evening, the idea hit me to re-create one of my favorite childhood memories. I laid out the premium ingredients - flour, sugar and vanilla - whipped up the batter, and poured it onto the waffle iron. I hadn't turned my back for more than a minute when I found my son eating the waffle before I could roll it into a cone. He looked at me wide-eyed with a mouthful and said, the best part of the ice cream is the cone. He was right! That was my inspiration for new Waffle Crisps and now I make them using the same home-style recipe in small batches for the world to enjoy. I scream, you scream, we all scream for - waffle crisps! - Baked with love, Mrs. Thinster. Talk to Mrs. Thinster: Twitter. Facebook. (Hashtag)mrsthinsters. Don't forget to save your broken pieces & crumbs! - For a great ice cream topper. Made in the USA.