Quick Silver Marine Lubricants Outboard Oil, Premium, 2-Cycle, Multi-Use

NMMA, BIA, TC-W3 certified. Provides excellent 2-cycle lubrication for all horsepower outboards and other 2-cycle water - or air-cooled engines. An exclusive formula designed to help maintain peak engine performance, this ashless dispersant oil helps fight rust, reduce smoke and control deposits that rob your engine of acceleration and power. Quicksilver Premium 2-Cycle Outboard Oil meets all the requirements of the leading manufacturer's of outboards, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, motorcycles, chain saws, and other 2-cycle water or air-cooled applications that specify the use of NMMA TC-WII or TC-W3 or API TC oils in either premix or oil-injected 2-cycle applications. This category 3 oil provides protection down to -13 degrees F (-25 degrees C).